5 Most Beautiful Drives in America

United States is one of the most advanced countries in all aspects. No wonder many people from all over the world try their luck each year in winning themselves the green card lottery. Winning this lottery will allow a foreigner live and work in the US permanantly. There are too many applicants for this lottery, but only 50,000 lucky candidates actually get to win it.

A green card comes with a lot of benefits; for instance, US has a lot to offer in the tourist sector which would dazzle those with the passion to travel and explore new places. One of such is the scenic drives in the US and there are some roads that run through mountain ranges which is breathtaking. The other drives are along the coastlines in a manner that looks more artistic than an engineering prowess.

5 most beautiful drives in America

  • Blue Ridge Parkway

This road stretches for about 469 miles from Virginia’s Shenandoah National Park to North Carolina’s Great Smoky Mountains. It is one of the most iconic drives of the South and its fascinating view along this road includes a view of the Mabry Hill and the Rocky Knob. At the North Carolina sections, there is the Mt. Pisgah which is not only a great spot for hiking but also has the famous Pisgah Inn.  

  • Pacific Coast Highway

        Also named “The Serpentine California Highway 1”, it is the most astonishing drives of the Golden State which is made up of two iconic road stretches; one which is 140 miles, extending from Mendocino and Jenner to Point Reyes National Seashore; and the other one extending for 123 miles from Monterey to Cambria. Along the way you’ll get to experience one of the most scenic beauties of San Francisco     

  • Florida Overseas Highway

        This road extends for 127 miles from Miami to Key West. This road will take you through some of the most scenic beauties that Florida has to offer; with the climax of it being the magnificent Seven Mile Bridge which was constructed over a 7 mile stretch, which is one of the longest bridges in the world.

  • Suan Juan Skyway and Million Dollar Highway

        This is another magnificent drive that stretches for about 233 miles through Durango, through the Molas Pass, ending at Silverton, along the way passing through the beautiful Rockies. It cuts a route below the numerous 14,000 foot peak also known as “Fourteeners”. You will wish not to reach your destination fast while driving through this route.

  • Devil’s Backbone

                This drive is the prettiest of all the Lone Star State drives and is officially referred to as R.M. 32. It stretches for about 50 miles starting at Wimberley, navigating through a beautiful way along the ridges of the Texas Hill Country and ending at Blanco.